Research and Master projects

Incomplete List of Ongoing Projects in Keywords:

Rare event simulations, Zeolite Formation, DNA Dynamics. Chiral Separation, Simulation Algorithms, Transport, Diffusion, Gas hydrates, Coalescence, thin- film rupture, self-assembly, nucleation, ...

Possible Master Projects

In our group there are several possibilities for master projects. We welcome students from many study directions. Depending on personal interest, a master- thesis project can be pure theoretical (pen-and-paper mathematics), involve a lot of programming, or simply use existing software for running simulations and analyzing data. Contrary to what students often believe, one does not have to be a mathematical genius to perform a research project in molecular modeling. It is possible to go into depth regarding theory or software development if you want, but many exciting research is done by applying existing programs in a similar way as an experimentalist uses an instrument. An interdisciplinary master-project is possible since we are dealing with many type of challenges which could be tackled by mathematicians, computer scientists, chemical engineers, nanotechnology students, or physicists. Here we list possible projects, though these are a few of the possible projects and if you have an own idea, I am happy to discuss it with you!

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